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Played by Lauren Seikaly

Bonnie is a wealthy, straight-laced unless she’s drunk or on drugs, mother-of-two. She often takes on the care-taker role among her friends as well when there is conflict, drama, or a party to plan.


Played by Katharine Heller

Sara is uncensored, fearless, and the first to share an intimate secret. As a writer, she not only has great observations but can also tell a captivating story, no matter how embarrassing. She is recently married and we’re all waiting to see how that goes.


Played by Daliya Karnofsky

Chloe’s fiery, brassy energy adds a shocking and delightful element to the group. She is an avid baker who is always on the look-out for something new. Her friends rely on her for straight-talk, brownies (with and without pot), and to stroke their hair when they are feeling blue.


Played by Brenna Palughi

Sophie is a photographer and free spirit who doesn’t believe in ‘too much information’.


Played by Molly Knefel

Alice is a borderline-hipster bartender from Bushwick who adds a young and gritty perspective to her older but not necessarily wiser compadres. She blogs and writes on female-empowerment but can still find herself caught in the sticky web of finding a man who respects her while still getting laid every now and then. Enjoy her insightful observations and whip-smart remarks about anything from politics to love.


Played by Rachel Axelrod

Ruby is an animated and passionate animal rights activist who has recently inherited “Harmony,” a daycare for pets. Her fun-loving spirit and off-the wall observations give her a hysterical edge with a head of hair to match.


Played by Lynne Rosenberg

Jean grew up with Sophie in a small town in Vermont, and accompanied her to SUNY Purchase their freshman year, where they both met Bonnie. She cycled through a variety of failed jobs, but found peace in teaching yoga. After Jean was laid off from her “day job” as a corporate paralegal, she was asked to work on a yoga-with-puppets pilot for Nickelodeon, which, while making her a ton of money, seriously challenged her morals. Jean is…yep…still single.



Dr. Gay Greene

Played Dr. Joy Browne


Kara Angelo

Played by Valerie Smaldone


Fanny Glibenspiel

Played by Daphne Rubin-Vega



Played by Aimee Mullins


Jill the Wedding Planner

Played by Marcia Debonis


Juvie Jen

Played by Lauren Hodges


Blossom Barney

Played by Alicia Goranson


Dr. Sara

Played by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh


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